Sunday, April 4, 2010

especially for ibu *madam mastura binti othman*...(*_*)

dear ibu..
ibu have asked us to write our experiences learning English and here, this is part of my experiences learning English as the second language from the kindergarten until now...

actually, there were many things had happened during my kindergarten time and i really forgot about it but what i really sure is i did not using English so much..
i learned to sing ABC and some other English songs such as twinkle2 little stars,baa baa black sheep and etc...
those moments were really unforgettable as i was very happy or extremely happy as what i only did during that time only playing, singing and just a few writing..thing were different now..:(

living in Malay communities also doesn't make me change my mother's tongue even after i was in primary school..
and, i dare not to speak in English..
i have no confidence at all...
my heart is in my boots and thus, there is no words uttered by me..
but, i love English very much and I've showed my highest interest in every lesson..

during i was in standard 3, my teacher, Puan Harison binti Ahmad had introduced me and make me get involved with all sort of the English competition such as action song, public speaking, story telling and choral speaking..

i was deeply in love with English and fortune favours the brave as i always hit the jackpot in the competitions. this really makes me happy and love English even more..:))))

January 2003, I've started my first day schooling at a boarding school where there are many talented students there..this makes me become a timid girl with a long legs..hihi
i was in set 1 for English subject but since I've been in upper form, "A" is the hardest thing to be achieve. "A" was like a dying rays for me..
my passion to be an English teacher and taking TESL as my course in my degree year had brought me to seek help from my teacher and my bestfriend..
i keep my nose to the grindstone and try very hard to beat one of my "enemy" at school during those days...hihi..
it looks like that opportunity knocks but once so i really makes us of their helps and ALHAMDULILLAH, I've passed my SPM with flying colours in English and my 1119...
thanks l0tsa2 dear~~~..

until now, I'm still in a great love with English and now, i burned the midnight oil only to have a date with more English novels and movies..:)))
actually, the more we learned, the more we do not know...huhu...

at this IPG, i love to learn English as my lecturers always there for me to help me in any condition.. plus, there were many helps from other sources such as library, friends, internet and CD ROM that can help me to be a better person..insyaALLAH...

nowadays, at this brief moment, I am learning English 40% by my own and 60% with the help of my teachers and lecturers..

last word from me, thank you for all the guidance..(*_*)..

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  1. Good girl. Never give up. Use more English in your everyday life.